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Newsletter june 2018
Article mis en ligne le 15 juin 2018
dernière modification le 25 mars 2022

UEEH 2018 are approaching ! This year it will be from the 19th of July to the 1st of August in Nérac, a small village in the South-West of France (roughly in the middle between Toulouse and Bordeaux), in the argricultural high school Armand Fallières, a bit outside the village. Here are some news from the fifth (but not last) organisation week-end... while waiting for registration to open, which should be soon now !

Organisation and agenda for this summer

Last year, we got feedback from many participants regarding too much separation between the organisation team and the rest of the participants. This feedback influenced our work and thought process throughout the year. We’d like to leave more room for all participant’s desires, energies and proposals.

In previous years, the UEEH used to start with 3 days of installation, dedicated almost exclusively to logistics. This year, we thought we’d emphasize this part of the event more, so it can be an occasion for everyone to become actors of the project, to think about how the even works, about the various spaces, how the nights and days are organized, how we share the various tasks, etc. For example, if you want to create a space with a chosen mixity, or plan for more varied parties, from techno to musicals, from cabaret to karaoke... but also suggest tools so that the toilets remain clean... then come during that time !! Even if you don’t have so many ideas or have no experience of self-organisation, this time will allow you to meet people and build the UEEH project with them !

The summer event will start on Thursday, the 19th of July. Installation time will be 4 or 5 days depending on the energies and desires of people present, in order to have time to think about collective self-organisation in addition to logistic tasks. We’ll keep working on how to get organized together during the whole event, but we planned for workshops to be launched from Tuesday the 24th. You want to offer a workshop, an artistic performance, or revolutionary tools for self-organisation ? The UEEH will be what we make of it !

The event usually ends with 3 days of uninstallation. These days are necessary in order to leave the high school as we found it. This is a lot of work which, in previous years, has mainly relied upon a few number of people (mainly members of the organisation team) who stayed until the very end. This year, our new place (Nérac) is again a bit hard to access, so that it is tempting to leave in the morning on the last day, but if you can stay until the evening to do the cleanup, that woulc be cool ! This uninstall period can also be a time to think back about how the event went, and start thinking together about next year’s project. The organisation of that period is yet to be done.

The event ends on Wednesday the 1st of August.

Registration and number of people

Online registration will open in a few days and opening will be announced on this mailing list.

The high school has 245 beds. Most of them are in rooms of 3 to 5 beds. Wealso have 17 single bedrooms available. We planned for 12 of them to be opento online registration. People for whom a single bedroom is essential for coming to the UEEH will be able to say so when registering, on a self-determination basis. The remaining 5 rooms will be allocated during the event, and are likely to be used by multiple person in turn over the course of the two weeks.

130 bed have been booked for invitees and local coordinators of the international commission. Remaining beds will be allocated along the way when people register online. Once all beds are allocated, this will be announced on the registration form ; it will still be possible to register but without booking a bed. You will then need to find a solution by yourself for sleeping. The high school has a space, but not very adapted (without much shadow), for people who want to sleep in their vehicle, but on the other hand they forbid camping.

Throughout the year, we have multiple and lively discussions about the question of whether to fix a limit for the number of participants. Since various and divergent opinions were present in the organisation team, we reached a compromise by deciding on a "safety net" of 350 people registered for being present at the same date. This means that if and when that number is reached, we’ll close online registration. We agreed on that number because on one hand we wanted to open this even to the largest number of people, but on the other hand we also wanted to keep in mind the capacity of the place and that the UEEH should remain a friendly and human-sized event, as this is also an important accessibility factor.

We know that many people want to come this year. The UEEH are an essential space in the life of some people. If you think you can do without that space for this summer, for example because you already came many times, or if there are other events you could attend, or if you already have access to a nice community where you live, we’d like to invite you to think about the fact that this year, there might not be enough space for all people wanting to come.

Our non-human friends

Unfortunately the high school doesn’t allow non-human animals on its premises.

Transports to the UEEH place

Our new place this year is again a bit far away from everything, which is cool because it allows us to get a lot of space and not too many neighbours, but makes it a bit hard to access. Information on various means of access are available on our website :

Please note that there is no bus between Agen and Nérac on Sundays (and on other days, only 4 a day, with the last one around 7pm (19h). If you’re coming using public transports, please avoid traveling on a Sunday, or try to find a carpool in advance. There will probably be nice people to to a few round-trips with cars (and nice people to let their car be used), but if there are 50 people who need a shuttle from Agen (30km) on the same day it might become a problem ;)

When you register, we will send you a link to a self-organised carpool table. In order to preserve some level of confidentiality for personal information on this table, we’re not going to put the link in any public place like our website, but only sent it to participants. On the other hand, only put your contact details here if you’re comfortable sharing it with other participants seeing it – as if it were an actual paperboard on a wall during the event.

The transportation crew is recruiting !

We’re looking for a place and people in Bordeaux to welcome people arriving there by plane and help them on there way to Nérac (eg from the airport to the train station). Some of them will be traveling since 24h already when arriving at the airport, some are not used to travelling in Europe or don’t speak French ; it would be great for them to be welcomed and have a place to rest a bit before finishing the traip to Nérac. Ideally, it would be nice to have a place to spend the night for people whose flight arrives very late or leaves very early !

If you live in Bordeaux and want to be part of this team, or if you like to drive or have a vehicle you can share, or if you have ideas to share about how to organise tranportations, of just want to think about it with us, please write to !

The KFC (Kitchen Fabuluous Crew) is recruiting !

One of the things we like to do at the UEEH is eating ! In order to organise buying food and preparing meals, a group works each years before and during the event : the KFC ! This group is open to anyone who wants to get involved, and we start getting organized now !

Some of the things we do : contact farmers and supermarkets, do lists of errands and budgets, learn to us the tools in big professional kitchens, organise the preparation and serving of meals, keep in touch with the test of the UEEH organisation team, spent time in local markets, weight, count, peel, cook and laugh, gather invoices and collect money, wander in supermarkets with huge carts and large trucks, think collectively about the politics of food, and of course the daily team meetings...

If you want to get involved in any way, during the entire duration of the event or only part of if, write to !

Miscellaneous calls

If you already have ideas for workshops, screenings, discussions that you’d like to animate at the UEEH, or if you want to join the “educpop” (popular education / programming) commission during the event, you can join us at

Night commission are you there ?! Last year we were not enough people to handle the parties, as a result the sound system broke ! Plus the usual issues connected to parties, that are sometimes all-night long ! We’re trying to create many cool things for the days so that everyone feels good, if you’re motivated to create cool things for the night as well, the night commission is the right place for you ! Managing the bar, the sound system, party spaces, calm space, offering various environments/activities (party, games, reading, karaoke, etc). It would be ideal to have multiple teams who can relay each other !

The visual archives project : at the UEEH, respecting the right of people not to be photographed/filmed without consent is very important, but many of us would enjoy having photo or video memories from the UEEH. So if you’re interested, come with your camera, your costumes, you drawing papers or any other tool to produce visual archives ! We’re obviously be careful that only people who agree to be on the pictures are.

Supporting queerfood in Montreuil, Saturday 16th

The Queerfood collective is organising an event in support of the brand new “refugees” commission, whose goal is to help (in particular, support financially) refugees who live in Europe to come to the UEEH.

The event is Saturday the 16th of June, from 6pm to 11pm at Rev Café, 54 ter rue Robespierre in Montreuil (metro Robespierre), so if you’re in the Paris area this week-end, go there, you’ll spend a great evening !

Next week-end

The organisation team usually meets 5 times a year during week-ends. This year, the place crisis (we learned in January that we wouldn’t be able to go back to Vic so we had to find another place in an emergency) and discussions about the size and shape of the event took a lot of time, which meant that was less time left for other points, and we found ourselves at the end of the fifth week-end with many practical points yet to be addressed. So we decided to have a 6th organisation week-end, which will be from the 29th of June to the 1st of July near Avignon, and we hope it will not become a habit for the next years. We’re still looking for people who’d like to help cooking for about 15 people. If you want to offer your help, please write to !

We hope to see you this summer and build a great UEEH 2018 together !