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Eating and sleeping

Feed yourself

It is possible to cook in CROUS buildings, there is a kitchen on each floor equipped with electric hotplates.

The past few years, participants organized themselves to cook together, take a morning breakfast, a lunch and a dinner each day, for the pleasure to the collective experience and / or economic necessity. This experiment is called the collective kitchens. They are self-managed, participates, gives a hand, cook, does the shopping, washes the dishes, sweeps and puts money in the till, either on washes the basis of the free price (ie each person pays according to what they can), or on very low price meals. Every kitchen got its own functioning. Everyone is to follow the rules established together, to participate, to bring energy and ideas. The collective kitchens are not mandatory , but it is true that their low cost, convenience and above all their friendliness made ​​them very popular. Of course, participation in them is not mandatory.

Note that the utensils (plates, pans, cutlery, etc …), a coffee maker and a kettle are made available by the association in the collective kitchens of the various floors.

There are also different catering services in Luminy.

Overnight accommodation

CROUS buildings

Each year, to accommodate the participants, we rent a building or buildings of the CROUS campus, which extends over a fairly large area. Buildings A, B, C and D are close but buildings E and F are farthest, there must be fifteen to twenty minutes.

Building A of the CROUS in Luminy, Marseille

Usually, we rent whole buildings, but sometimes we share it with residents outside UEEH. We are of course subject to the same rules than others, including the rules of collective life (common places maintained clean, respect the sleep needs of neighbors by defining areas of “conviviality” a little away from rooms, etc.).

Each year, a floor, usually the ground floor is dedicated to calm, and therefore is restricted to those who need it for personal reasons (which may be health reasons but not only).

The rooms

We do not know in advance which CROUS buildings will be rented to us, so we can not guarantee any particular equipment for the rooms.

It may be:

- renovated buildings: each room has a fridge and own bathroom (toilet, shower, sink), with storage space and a desk, a chair, a mattress and bed base. In Building A, are 18 studios suitable for people with reduced mobility (PRM) (13.5 m2), six of which are available for UEEH. These rooms have the same equipment as well as cooking plates.
- traditional buildings: each room has a sink, a closet, a desk, a chair, a mattress and bed base. Toilets, showers and refrigerators are shared. In some wings, these rooms have individual refrigerators. These CROUS buildings will all eventually be renovated.

The loan of sheets, blankets and bolsters are included in the price of the bedroom.

The rooms are in average 9.8 or 9.9 m2.

Note: You can choose another type of accommodation, there are municipal campings in Marseille, hostels, but we bring your attention to the fact that Luminy is quite far from the city center and the community life in the CROUS buildings are also participating to the specificity of UEEH.

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