The UEEH apply three rates, which participants choose according to the principle of financial self-determination :
- The solidarity rate
- The median rate
- The penniless rate: rate established by the UEEH to allow more people to come, in a way that minimizes economic discrimination. It is designed for participants who do not have the resources to pay the solidarity or median price.

For your information, those rates are not related to what the highschool invoices the UEEH.

Financial breakdown of the the amount of registration

The amount of the rates is the sum of :
- The membership, identical for each participant regardless of the rate choice.
- Participation fees (PAF) according to the three different rates, see table below (These fees cover all the financial investment of the association that are necessary for the proper functioning of UEEH, as small equipment, insurance costs, supplies for the workshops, cleaning products, etc.).
- (if you ask for a room) The nights, that may include bedding package for sheets, blankets and bolsters if you need it.
- The potential donations : donations are used to support the cost of the penniless rate.

Here are the rates of the 2016 edition :

                          Solidarity rate                  Median rate                    Peniless rate
Membership                            15€                          15€                              15€
Participation fees                    30€                          25€                              15€
Nights                           from 20€/night         from 15 to 19€/night              from 4 to 14€/night (min)
Bedding package                        5€                           5€                               5€

According to the self-determination principle, you can choose by yourself the price of your overnight stays, however, there is a minimum of 4 euros. All participants who choose the penniless rate are not the in the same situation. Some of them choose to pay 5, 6, 7, 8 … euros per night. In that case, UEEH complete the difference because cost price is 15€/night. Others pay up to 25 euros per night, in solidarity rate, to help UEEH pay priceless rate. Of course the night the day you leave is not taken into account.

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