The symposium

Every year the UEEH organize a symposium on a theme chosen at the beginning of the year.

The symposium is the only time “open” of the event. It is designed for participants but also to anyone interested in the topic developed. As universities the UEEH think it is important to perpetuate logic of popular education. The organization of the symposium is a way to outsource the work undertaken during the event and to bring the UEEH outside the sphere of their members.

Open to all, it also serves to provide institutional partners a concrete demonstration of the importance of our questions and work.

Often held in the city, for reasons of promotion to the outside and ease of access, it stands at times on the site of Luminy. It brings together speakers from diverse backgrounds, academics, researchers, participants to the UEEH, journalists, teachers, activists…

Some titles of seminars from previous years :

Homophobia in professional circles
Our bodies, our identities
Interview feminisms and overcome the communitarian conflicts around feminism
The LGBTI: Evolution of social representations and cultural revolutions

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